Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chocolate Crackle-Tops

‘Nom Nom Nom’

That says it all.

Again I used my 500 fabulous cakes and bakes recipe book for these treats. I love the way these chocolate cakes look, the way they crack on top - very artistic but very easy to do.  I used a simple woven basket and a small piece of material to present these. I love the old-fashioned feeling this type of presentation gives - and I assume it makes them look tastier, as they disappeared pretty quick. And not in the bin if that’s what your thinking (:



(In the oven covered in icing sugar)

(Sieving the cocoa powder and flour)

(The ingredients)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Roasted Tomato and Bacon Risotto

After having a very lazy day, I decided to actually put some effort into something and made risotto for dinner. It’s a recipe loosely based on one I found on the internet, but I've changed the quantities and added a few extra ingredients.

It’s a really easy recipe to cook. To start with fry some bacon and onions and melt some butter. This all goes in together (I use a wok to cook it in). Then add the risotto and fry it until it’s slightly translucent. Next add a glass of wine, and then gradually the chicken stock. The packets say to use 450ml of stock but I always end up using double this. Meanwhile, roast some tomatoes (cover with oil/salt/pepper to prep) in the oven. Once all the stock is soaked up, add the secret ingredients… a few spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese and some chopped basil. Add the roasted tomatoes on top and you’re done.

A simple, easy, and very yummy meal.



(The roasted tomatoes)

(Adding the mascarpone cheese and the basil)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gucci may have the answer...

So, it would seem that Gucci have found some smart ways to mix brights and warms this season. Deep purple and bright orange compliment each other with the addition of a monotone grey (a new solution to camel, perhaps?) Have to say, I'm pleased to see the additions of fur and pussy bows throughout the collection - some of my favourite winter pieces from last year.

Watch this space for more catwalk picks...


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Yummy in my tummy...

After finishing my last day at one of my jobs, I finally found myself with some free time – the product of this free time being some yummy oatmeal cookies. I’ve made these cookies before but I used Special K cereal in them. This time I chose to use a crunchy caramel and nut cereal, which I think gave them more Oomph! The caramel worked well with the plain oats also used giving them more flavour. Mmmmmm.

I found the recipe in an old cookbook called 500 fabulous cakes and bakes. The book is great for treats, and I use it a lot when I bake. If anyone wants the recipe just leave a comment and I’ll post it.



(The ingredients) 
(Biscuits in a fancy home-decorated basket)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

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A trip to see Mr Weasley...

Last night we went to the cinema to see the last ever film instalment of Harry Potter! I was very excited, and the film didn’t disappoint.  It’s the end of an amazing era, and I’m going to miss the anticipation that came waiting for the next film, and of course, I’ll miss Mr Ron Weasley.



P.S. Even though it was close to raining and yucky outside, my outfit included the bright clashing colours of summer, I hope you like.

Top: Next, Plain Black dress: New Look, Leggings: Zara, Brogues: Topshop. Waterproof green jacket: Sports Shop

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Autumn is in the air. I can smell it...

... and who can blame me with all the rain we've been having? Indeed, it may only be July, but a trip to Topshop on Oxford Street last week gave me my first hint of autumn trends. With such a huge store, you would expect it to come from knitwear or a wide selection of trousers in various shapes, but (much to my sorrow) it did not. Instead, I only noticed it as I reached the top floor, and was met by row upon row of jewellery in alarmingly similar colours.

In contrast to the brights and endless corals of S/S 2011, the collection is overflowing with bottle greens, burnt orange and crimson. Not to mention, of course, the expected mass of burnished gold. I have included my favourite picks.

My question now is: how are we going to give our brights some longevity? Mix brights with warmer shades? I want to get at least a few months out of the coral Motel Rocks skirt I purchased!

I think a little research is in order...


                                               Images courtesy of

Monday, 18 July 2011

Little Birdies...

I think the decoration of a room says a lot about its owner, it’s the place you spend most your time so it must reflect you personally. It must be full of things that mean something to you, or say something about you. So because of this it took me forever to decide how to decorate my bedroom. This, and well… I’m pretty indecisive. 

In the end I settled on creating my room around a specific bed set – a Kirstie Allsopp design. I bought a few trinkets to hang on the walls – a gorgeous sign and a couple of sweet fabric birds. I also used things people close to my heart had bought me. It's simple but I love it.



A day at the beach...

Who said walking the dog had to mean lacklustre hoodies and grubby trainers? Of course, everyone has the right to groggy days where comfort takes priority. But surely we also have the right to look fashion-forward. Sometimes no effort actually does feel like effort. And hey, better to be overdressed than underdressed, I always say. (Then again, perhaps that is because I am a serial overdresser…)



Dress: O&O at Urban Outfitters; Necklace (customised): River Island; Bracelet: New Look; 
Shoes: Timeless at ZigZag

Dress: ASOS. Bag: New Look. Shoes: Unknown

and they're off...

Welcome to fashionwaffle! We’ve decided to make this blog to showcase the things we love, and that the things that inspire us – so hopefully they can inspire you too.

It seems a shame to lose to history the tangible beauty of everyday things; the way the light falls on a bedroom mirror; the delectable, good-enough-to-eat appearance of a perfectly iced cupcake.  So we felt it necessary to capture them and share them with you.


Charlotte + Jade

Vair Vair Old Photograph