Saturday, 23 July 2011

Yummy in my tummy...

After finishing my last day at one of my jobs, I finally found myself with some free time – the product of this free time being some yummy oatmeal cookies. I’ve made these cookies before but I used Special K cereal in them. This time I chose to use a crunchy caramel and nut cereal, which I think gave them more Oomph! The caramel worked well with the plain oats also used giving them more flavour. Mmmmmm.

I found the recipe in an old cookbook called 500 fabulous cakes and bakes. The book is great for treats, and I use it a lot when I bake. If anyone wants the recipe just leave a comment and I’ll post it.



(The ingredients) 
(Biscuits in a fancy home-decorated basket)

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