Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Autumn is in the air. I can smell it...

... and who can blame me with all the rain we've been having? Indeed, it may only be July, but a trip to Topshop on Oxford Street last week gave me my first hint of autumn trends. With such a huge store, you would expect it to come from knitwear or a wide selection of trousers in various shapes, but (much to my sorrow) it did not. Instead, I only noticed it as I reached the top floor, and was met by row upon row of jewellery in alarmingly similar colours.

In contrast to the brights and endless corals of S/S 2011, the collection is overflowing with bottle greens, burnt orange and crimson. Not to mention, of course, the expected mass of burnished gold. I have included my favourite picks.

My question now is: how are we going to give our brights some longevity? Mix brights with warmer shades? I want to get at least a few months out of the coral Motel Rocks skirt I purchased!

I think a little research is in order...


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