Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

Shortbread: few biscuits can beat it. To me it has a very specific texture - crumbly, yet melt-in-the-mouth - so I am always a little apprehensive to bake it. But I have to say, the recipe for this was certainly the easiest I've followed (it was taken from Hamlyn's '200 Cakes and Bakes' by Sara Lewis), and produced a pretty yummy batch with a nice texture.

I was also concerned as I hadn't a square brownie tray to hand and had to use a larger one than described, but the richness of the shortbread made up for the smaller, thinner slices.

Stick it in a cute lunchbox and share it with your friends!



  1. Can you make me some please? :p

  2. YES! Don't think I can this week as my uni house doesn't have all my ingredients in it... but deffo soon!

    x :D