Sunday, 29 July 2012

Aldyth's Summer Cheesecake

Last summer, my dear friend and ex-music A-Level teacher Aldyth invited a group of her ex-students round for a lovely dinner. It was here that I first sampled this delectable cheesecake, and so I asked her for the recipe. It has taken me a year to get round to making it - but here it is!

To make it, simply bash together 90g butter and 180g digestive biscuits for the base (although I mixed in ginger biscuits too), then bake for ten minutes at 160 degrees C. Leave the oven on.

Then, for the topping, mix together two eggs, their weight equivalent in caster sugar, 250g cream cheese and 250g plain yoghurt. Bake for around 35 minutes.

Top with fruit. I added a dusting of icing sugar for fanciness. Et voila! 

Many thanks Aldyth, for the easiest and most successful cheesecake recipe I have tried so far! This went down a storm at a family meal!


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