Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chocolate, Mint & Coconut Hearts

Every so often, you come across a recipe for something super sweet, something perhaps you wouldn't usually eat (ooh! I rhyme), but would make a great snack to share with friends. The recipe for these came from the book 'Cookie Jar', published by Love Food, in which the recipes are gathered in a ring binder and the cover is decorated with a textured gingham print, plus cut-out gift labels are included - adorable!

The recipe was originally for 'Choco Mint Stars', but hey - I only had heart or flower cutters. I was curious to know whether the dessicated coconut in the recipe was just there to add texture, as it had no mention in the name... but alas! The refreshing mint and delicate coconut were both not only prominent, but complimentary. And the decorating was fun!

These made a great little dessert after a takeaway and movie with friends last weekend.


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