Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

Hello! So I thought it was about time I started posting again and to inspire me I decided to create a new layout for fashionwaffle. Don't you find that creating some new and exciting is a great way to motivate yourself? I have since sorted out the folders on my laptop, and discovered many photographs and creations that I had forgotten to post. I have also since sorted out my bedroom, re-organising and thinking of new ways to re-design. I am practically on an ‘updating my life’ spree – the blog, the bedroom; I’ve also joined the gym. Next is my hair – that post will follow shortly!

However time to stop the rambling, this post is meant to be about the cupcakes my friend Rachel and I made for my step-sisters wedding this summer. The wedding had a fuchsia and white colour scheme so we created the cupcake decorations using white, fuchsia and light pink royal icing. We created several designs, hoping the variety of designs and colour would help the cupcakes to stand out. We also wrapped the cases in lace, to provide a sophisticated finish. We are really proud of our creation, and the bride, groom and guests seemed to like them too!


The cakes before they were decorated.
Us finished, at one am that morning!

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