Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Toffee Apple's

I saved this post for today as it is now officially Halloween! I don't usually celebrate Halloween however this last weekend I met with friends at their house, to dress up, eat and drink a lot in aid of old hallows eve. The 'treat' I bought along were these spooky toffee apples I made, inspired by Emma's candy apples from totally recommend reading this blog - it is amazing!)

I was pretty happy with the results, however I don't think I got the colours quite right for the green apples - less brown and more green would have been nice! I also burnt the green/brown toffee so I think it is about time to buy a sugar thermometer for this sort of thing. The red ones though were yummy and the right colour. Yay!

I loved Emma's idea of using sticks from a tree to make the apples look scarier, this worked so well. I covered the end of the sticks with cling film, and just poked them in a ready made hole in the apples. Perfectly spooky. :)


The scarily decorated living room at my friends! 

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