Tuesday, 9 October 2012

White Chocolate Decadence Cake... with Butterflies

September is always a busy time for baking I find - so many of my friends celebrate their birthdays in that month! So, as you can see, I am posting this a little late. This one I made for my dear friend Lindie's 21st on September 19th.

The recipe was taken from Nigella's 'Kitchen' (described there as 'Devil's Food Cake'), but as I wanted something a little more flowery and cute, I swapped dark frosting for white chocolate. This did bring its own trouble; the mixture of melted chocolate and brown sugar created an unappealing colour, on top of which, it just wouldn't set! But after various tastings (couldn't help it!) and setting periods in the fridge, it formed a close consistency which filled and topped the cakes evenly.

I decorated with tiny sugar butterflies!

The cake was rich and moist and disappeared pretty fast. Rarely does Nigella let me down.


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