Friday, 11 November 2011

Banoffee cupcakes

I love banana. I love toffee. I love caramel. And I definitely love cupcakes! So this week I couldn’t resist trying out some banoffee cupcakes. They were very indulgent and messy yet I like to think the banana balanced out the cream… the toffees…. the dulce de leche sauce… the cake etc – so very healthy of course! The cakes themselves had crushed toffees and bananas baked inside while the topping consisted of freshly whipped double cream, banana slices and dulce de leche sauce (which I finally managed to buy!).  Overall these cupcakes were without doubt worth a try.

I just wanted to say… I know I haven’t posted much at all the last month but I will be getting back on track soon! I’ve recently started a teacher training course at uni and they say teacher training is full on - full on doesn’t even describe it! After the next four weeks it’s the Christmas holidays (yay!) and I am dedicating these holidays to fashion waffle. I can’t wait to endlessly bake and search, and lust after fashion – and post!


Banana's and toffees used to create cupcakes

Decorated with cream and banana slices

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