Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday Rocky Road

As a yummy alternative to cake, I thought I would repeat an idea I had last year and make my dear friend Daisy rocky road for her birthday instead. I started off by baking blobs of cookie dough in a tub (from Tesco) ad breaking them up. I then melted 800g of milk chocolate gradually, before stirring in about 100g mini marshmallows, a few handfuls of raisins and the cookie chunks. I poured into a brownie tray lined with cling film and refrigerated. Lastly, I drizzled 200g white chocolate over top and refrigerated once more.

It went down pretty well at the party - just a shame I tripped on my way round, the tin went flying and the rocky road spilled onto the pavement! It was fine with a brush down...

Charlotte :P

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