Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Heavy embellishment, tiny price

With sparkles and jewels taking the high street by storm, many of us have found ourselves staring at sequin-covered tops and shorts lustfully, knowing we could never afford the huge price on the label. Thankfully there are exceptions to the rule of embellished = expensive!

I was delighted to see a notification of a new evening collection for TRF at Zara in my inbox today. Browsing through the lookbook, I spotted a pair of incredible sparkle-covered shorts (above), expecting to see a price tag of over £70 at least. But - alas! - I was astounded to find that they are just £25.99! No wonder when I tried to get a closer look, I found that they were already sold out. Hopefully they'll stock up fast!

Now, the other sequinned bargain I discovered a little while ago was, admittedly, a one-off chance purchase. But it just goes to show that car boot sales and charity shops are definitely worth a look through. The sequin-covered, 80s-style top below cost me a tiny - believe it or not - £1.50. It looks great tucked into high-waisted trousers for nights out on the town.

I would love to see your bejewelled bargains!


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