Monday, 21 November 2011

Double chocolate mint cake

So I actually managed to squeeze an hour of baking into this week - hurrah! I don’t usually tend to create chocolately treats as I’m more of a fruity (!) type of girl but one of my close friends had invited me round and she loves chocolate treats more than anything. The result, this huge gooey mint chocolate cake. I loved the idea for the presentation of this cake; mint sticks scattered on top in a carefully placed but messy looking fashion with the arty chocolate sauce spilling onto the plate. However I was worried how minty the cake would actually taste, as it only had these mint sticks on top and smaller sticks in the actual cake. However it turned out nice and minty which was what I had hoped for. If I had had more time I would have concentrated more on the decorating but I was pleased with the speedy result. All that’s left to think about now is when I can fit my hourly baking slot in this week?


The ingredients

Yummy chopped mint sticks

Adding the sticks to the mixture

Greg's photography skills (of me baking the cake!)

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