Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Divine Caramel Slices

I once made caramel slices several years ago, but I became impatient waiting for the middle to solidify, and added the melted chocolate too soon. The tops of the slices became a sticky (but still yummy) mess. However, having made these, I must tell you - it is worth waiting!

These ones were taken from the book 'Blissful Brownies' published by Marks and Spencer. I admit I was skeptical as to how well they would turn out - it takes a while to simmer the caramel mixture and I was worried I had overdone it. But I need not have feared.

What made this tearoom favourite so divine was the thickness of each layer. I could have eaten that caramel on its own! The only change I would make would be to melt milk chocolate for the topping instead of dark. Then, for me, they would have been completely irresistible.


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