Friday, 14 October 2011

Marble Cupcakes... (of the week)

Now I have to make a confession, these cupcakes were meant to be iced and decorated carefully and inquisitively with dulce de leche. This didn’t quite happen. No matter where I looked I could not find dulce de leche so I attempted to use a simple toffee sauce (one I think that was primarily used for ice-creams). Again this didn’t quite happen to plan. The toffee sauce soaked into the cream cheese icing and, if I’m being honest, looked like the biggest gooey mess ever.

Now luckily the actual cakes turned out pretty good. They rose perfectly and tasted scrummy. I will be using this recipe again, if only for the actual cakes. The contrasting colour, from deep brown to cream, really appeals to the eye and the mixture of chocolate and vanilla compliment each other perfectly. This effect was very easy to create – you just split the mixture into two bowls and flavour one with vanilla essence and the other with cocoa powder. Then add several alternating dollops of each into the cases, bake, and da-daa, marble cakes are born!


Note: I have since researched dulce de leche and discovered that Carnation caramel is the same thing or that it can be made with condensed milk – so here comes attempt number two!

Adding the cocoa powder and vanilla essence
Adding alternating dollops of chocolate and vanilla mixture

The finished marble effect

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