Sunday, 2 October 2011

Low fat brownies - who'd have thought it?

Brownies, as you may have begun to notice, are one of my major food vices. I am constantly on a quest to find the perfect ones. Whilst these may not be super gooey and indulgent, they are pretty delicious, and knowing that they are low in fat just makes them more moreish!

The recipe I used was from the book 'Fat Free Low Fat Cooking' and uses bananas and oatmeal instead of butter to create a dense texture. Whilst they improve in stickiness with age, they do seem to go off a little quicker than ordinary brownies, so make sure you keep them somewhere cool. Leaving them in a tin that hits the sun through the kitchen window every morning was not a wise move on my part!


Mixing it up

Pre-baking - notice the mixture is wetter than with ordinary brownies 


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