Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rocky Road Cupcakes

I have had such a busy and stressful week (writing my first essay for four years, which is also why this post is late… eeek sorry!) that when it came to Friday afternoon I needed something chocolaty and indulgent. I only discovered rocky road recently, and I feel I’ve defiantly been missing out, so when I spotted these rocky road cupcakes in my recipe book I just couldn’t resist. I had such a fun afternoon with my little brother shopping for all the toppings, marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, chunks of white chocolate, almond slices, and of course mixing them all into the cake mixture. The icing was a rich blend of double cream and melted chocolate which made them the perfect chocolaty treat.

Tip #1 Just a note of warning the marshmallows in the cake mixture made such a mess –  however I would never omit them from the mixture they were just too yummy!


Adding the rocky road ingredients 

The final product :)

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