Sunday, 21 August 2011

Banana Cheesecake

Before this one, I had never attempted a cheesecake, but with a huge barbecue coming up it seemed like the perfect 'please everyone' dessert. (Alongside lemon meringue cake... pictures coming soon!)

To make it, I used the recipe for 'Big Baked Cheesecake' from Sam Stern's 'Student Cookbook', but I avoided the lemon rind and folded in a few overripe bananas instead. I also made double quantities, expecting to produce enough cheesecake for twelve people. But as you can see, it provided more than a little over that... possibly enough for twenty! I ended up having to send my brother away with the giant one to share with his housemates!

The recipe was dead simple and overall I was pretty impressed; only next time, I would use a firmer biscuit such as a ginger nut, as the base was a bit too soft and crumbly for my liking.

(Although banana and ginger... perhaps not).


Pressing the biscuit base into the tins...

... and whisking the cream cheese mixture.

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