Saturday, 13 August 2011

Crunchie Bread Pudding

Last year, my grandad suffered pancreatitis, which meant he would have to cut down on high-fat foods for good. Now, going to my grandad and nanas' house has always meant a real feast - usually involving beautifully rich, indulgent desserts and plenty of chocolates for afterwards - and likewise when they visited us. So we suddenly found ourselves seeking out low-fat dessert recipes - an interesting but exciting challenge! - and here is one of my favourites. I made this for all of us to eat after we enjoyed a barbecue last week.

The recipe is taken from a freebie in a back issue of the Rosemary Conley magazine Diet & Fitness, which I imagine is pretty hard to find now! But it is very simple: a mixture of milk and beaten egg, and chunks of chopped Crunchie bar, poured over (and absorbed by) layers of bread. Bake until golden. Simple!

Let me know how you find it.



  1. Hehe thank you! It's certainly nice to enjoy an indulgent pudding without worrying about the fat content. :-)