Saturday, 6 August 2011

Double Chocolate Brownies

I made my best-ever batch of brownies around a year ago. They were risen at the edges, and damp and squishy in the middle, to the point of being fragile to handle. The recipe was taken from 'Blissful Brownies' published by Marks & Spencer, and it was entitled 'Sticky Brownies', which really did not do them justice.

These brownies were not those.

These, taken from the same book, were a batch of 'Double Chocolate Brownies', made with a few compromises dependent on what was lying around in my store cupboard, and without the chocolate sauce included in the recipe. I also used chopped chocolate chunks (or, as Nigella Lawson aptly describes them, chocolate 'morsels') as I find they give a more interesting texture than simple chocolate chips. They were pleasant, but not a patch on the others! I really think golden syrup is needed to make the ultimate brownie.

Anyway, making brownies is always an indulgent experience for all the senses, so I thought I would photograph the stages and get your mouths watering.



Mixing the wet and dry ingredients...

... folding in the chocolate 'morsels'...

... and ready to bake!

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