Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Trip to California (Cliffs Holiday Resort, Norfolk, England)

One day soon I am going to give in to my ever-growing wanderlust, and disappear to exotic places all over the world. However for now I am happy just travelling around England when I can, seeing places I’ve never been before with my family and friends. 

This weekend I went to Norfolk for a caravanning holiday. I’ve never been to the county Norfolk or stayed in a caravan before so I was very excited. It didn’t disappoint. The beaches and surrounding countryside was beautiful, and the busy sea-side town of Great Yarmouth was filled with loads of strange little shops. My favourite was called ‘The Chinese Shop’. I bought a lovely wall hanging and the most beautiful hand-made jewellery box. Overall I had a wonderful time, spending evenings watching the on-site entertainment, and playing cards in our cosy caravan, and spending the days exploring the beaches and towns. 



My Beautiful Chinese Jewellery Box

Simple Beachwear - Dress: H & M, Belt: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: Accessorize

Yummy Ice-creams from Great Yarmouth

My Chinese Wall Hanging

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