Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lemon meringue cake

I have never attempted a lemon meringue pie, but when I saw Nigella Lawson's version - a lemon meringue cake, towering high with layer upon layer of sunshine-coloured goodness - I just had to give in.

I find Nigella's recipes can often take a little time and patience, but they are usually worth the effort - and this was certainly one of those occasions. First the cake mixture is made and poured into two tins; then the meringue mixture is formed and piled on top. After baking, one cake is turned upside down (but do so with both, just to check your sponge is fully cooked... one of mine wasn't!) and the two are sandwiched together with cream and lemon curd.

Although it looks fairly small before baking, the sheer height of the cake makes it large enough to serve what the recipe (from the book 'Feast') claimed it would: eight portions. But whether that will be enough to satisfy hungry guests is another question...


The sponge cake ingredients

Piling the meringue mix onto the sponge cake mix

The baked meringue cakes, ready to be sandwiched!

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