Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cookie + egg = ?

My good friend Rhian and I have a bit of a ritual when it comes to our baking habits. That is, essentially, we don't bake. We buy a Better Crocker cookie packet mix, add water and stick it in the oven. (And hey, sometimes we don't even do that; a month or so ago we stuck two chunks of fudge in the middle and ate the whole thing raw).

Being the adventurous chefs that we are, on this occasion we added an egg to see if our mix would go further. After all, who wants to make a 'batch' of cookies which produces just six servings?

As it turns out, the egg did help after all. We made one giant cookie which, when cooked, produced a sponge-like, cakey texture. We simply ripped it into chunks, piled it into a basket and shared it whilst watching TV - just like a bowl of popcorn.

Cookie + egg = tear 'n' share cookie cake!


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