Monday, 5 September 2011

The Mysterious Skort

£30, ASOS

A few weeks ago, when browsing ASOS, I came across a term I had never heard before: 'skort'. It was not even elaborated upon in the description. We are just expected to know what this is. Well, yes, I can see it is a pair of shorts made to look like a skirt, but since when did a term exist for such a thing? Am I really behind here, or were these previously called culottes? Or just shorts?

I wish I could show you more examples, but nowhere else seems to recognise the name. I tried searching 'skort' on, but it ignored me and gave me skirts instead.

On the plus side, these are cute. And I'm loving the star elbow patches on the sweater.

Have you discovered any skorts on your internet travels? I would love to see them!



  1. As far as I know, skorts are usually shorts with a skirt over the top, for sports and stuff. I think they came from like netball, or hockey, so that you didn't flash everyone when wearing the skirts that were in the uniform. The ones on ASOS seem to be short culottes to me.

  2. Ah yes, I did find a lot of sportswear images popping up when I searched the net for a 'skort', so thanks for clearing that up! But you're right, these are definitely different.

    Charlotte :-)