Friday, 9 September 2011

Cupcake of the Week!

Recently it became apparent that we are growing pretty fond of baking cupcakes, so Jade had the genius idea of creating a 'Cupcake of the Week' feature on the blog! Hopefully it will give you all inspiration, and will make sure we keep the baking going at this end too.

Here are my favourite cupcakes so far, made with my good friend Ray - red velvet, with cream cheese frosting. Again they were taken from the wonderful 'Hummingbird Bakery' cookbook, producing huge mounds of frosting. These ones included buttermilk and a little cocoa powder, creating a slightly different, perhaps denser texture than some of the others I've made.

I had to go back for seconds.


Adding the buttermilk...

... Ray whisking the icing sugar (and creating a storm!)...

... and spreading it on!

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